Global Warming – Today Singapore aspires to be Asia’s climate leader


June 11.2022






The sea rises on the coasts of Singapore, a small state of 6 million people, between Malaysia and Indonesia surrounded by seas; one of the territories most at risk from rising waters. To combat this phenomenon linked to global warming, the government established a special unit of approximately forty scientists. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global sea levels could rise by more than one meter by 2100 as a result of global warming and Singapore, is on the front lines.





“In a scenario where CO2 emissions remain high, the water could rise by around 90cm,” says Jędrzej Majewski, a researcher at the Earth Observatory Singapore. According to these forecasts, the waters could therefore soon engulf a part of the state”. Even more worrying: combined with torrential rains during high tide, the rising waters would promote another devastating phenomenon, sudden floods, dams, locks…” To combat rising sea levels, the Singaporean government has decided to prioritize the fight against global warming, allocating a budget of 70 billion euros over the next 50 to 100 years.





“For us, coastal protection is an existential issue. About 30% of Singapore’s land is less than five meters above sea level,” says Ho Chai Teck, deputy director of the Coastal Protection Department. . In total, a third of the country’s land is at risk of flooding. “The various solutions we have put in place include sea walls, protective barriers, dams, and tide locks,” he explains. The government has also raised the minimum ground floor level of many seaside buildings by one meter.





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