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February 8.2021


After a career as a Civil Servant in Malaysia and here in Vietnam, Damien Roberts is the Executive Director of Saigon Children’s Charity, founded in 1992 to help disadvantaged children get an education and a fairer start in life.




This episode didn’t turn out as planned. A Vietnam Podcast usually shares individual stories, but in this episode, they immediately start discussing the amazing work of Saigon Children’s Charity and the intricacies therein. They didn’t even get a chance to talk to Damien about him or his background or how he ended up in Vietnam and making a difference leading his team as Executive Director at Saigon Children’s Charity.

Watch this space – as this is one guest they may have to get back on to tell their story.







In this episode, they cover a wide range of topics from the recognition of autism as a developmental disorder in Vietnam, where it didn’t even have a word for it, and how families deal with this. They also discuss in depth what barriers prevent some children from accessing education easily and how those barriers can be overcome through the support of the community, local authorities, and organizations such as Saigon Children’s Charity.


You can check out the work of Saigon Children’s Charity here and please donate if you can.

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Available in : Vietnamese

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