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March 4, 2021


Born and raised in the UK to Vietnamese and Chinese parents, today Chris Nguyen is a product design leader, facilitator and creator in Vietnam. His journey into content creation happened during the pandemic and he documents his journey on Youtube covering Creativity, Life in Asia, Unemployment, and The Human Condition. 







In this episode of podcast Seven Millions Bikes, Chris talks about what it means to be a third world kid, the challenges of returning to the homeland of Vietnam, realizing you don’t quite fit in as you’d hoped, and how he ended up being trapped in Bangkok as he awaits his paperwork to return to Saigon.

Chris has an easy-going and likeable personality that you can hear on his podcast Ranting Bananas that is available on Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts and also on his YouTube channel Semigrownkid.

You can also follow Chris on Instagram.

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Available in : Vietnamese

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