Get lost in Wae Rebo, a Hidden Gem in Indonesia

Until a few years ago, Wae Rebo 750km east of Java was a crumbling backwater where only hardy backpackers dared venture. Today this old Manggaraian village, situated in pleasant, isolated mountain scenery proposes to visitors to experience the everyday life of the local community in an authentic Manggarai housing.






This village, on the Indonesian island of Flores, has been received the Top Award of Excellence from UNESCO in 2012 and, since then, has continued to develop as a unique and world-renowned destination.






The small village located between mountains and a lush tropical forest environment is a blend of traditional, old-world architecture which practices a daily life that stretches back 18 generations.







In fact, it’s the only village that still operates primarily using the original style of Flores houses and structures. From sleeping in these tall, cone-shaped houses to hiking through highlands, dense forests, and along rivers, just a short time in Wae Rebo can transport you to a different world.






Days can also be spent browsing Songket traditional cloth and taking in the spectacular gardens throughout the village.  The village’s development and community-centered reconstruction were recognized by UNESCO for, “successfully re-established the sustainability of the built environment whilst fostering the community’s pride and unity”.






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