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April 20.2021


It’s April, and here in Saigon, we are all thinking about plants! Growing a garden with children is a rewarding activity with many benefits – not to mention the benefit of beautiful vegetables and flowers. Gardening helps develop positive social skills, teaches children about eating fruits and vegetables, and can even foster long-term environmental stewardship.

During the Saigon Lifestyle Fair, the experts on plants and nature will run activities for kids of all ages. From learning about fruits and vegetables in Vietnam or feeding animals, or even learning how to plant a tree there will be plenty of fun activities providing opportunities for families to learn together while encouraging the love for nature and the environment this Sunday at the Saigon Lifestyle fair, Family Garden 28 Thao Dien, Quân 2. HCMC






Gardening for children: Learn about fruits and vegetables in Vietnam

Family Garden has a wonderful vegetable and fruit garden, and the many varieties there are grown using organic gardening techniques. They also offer a way for kids to discover vegetables and fruits in Vietnam and learn new skills, have fun, play, and develop self-confidence.  Join for an enjoyable eco-friendly morning in a lovely green setting for all the family.



Nurturing children’s love for animal

Have children tell you all the facts they know about different farm animals. At this workshop, your kids can have fun in a unique setting while learning to feed animals in a safe, secure, and stimulating environment.







How to plant trees

This workshop creates opportunities for kids to learn how to grow a tree through planting a plant in a glass, engaging their natural curiosity and wonder.


Fish feeding for Kids

The concept of animals living in aquatic environments and the ability to breathe underwater amazes children. By feeding and touching fish, children will learn how to know them better and feel a sense of accomplishment every time they take care of them. Join this workshop for a super outdoor fun family activity.


Making “TÒ HE”

During this workshop, children will learn how to make a Tò he (toy figurine), a traditional toy for children in Vietnam made from glutinous rice powder used to form edible figurines such as animals, flowers, or characters in folk stories.









Looking at Leaves

In this activity, children will take a closer look at leaves and find out more about their characteristics as well as how leaves can be used to identify plants — to do so, they’ll receive 4 pictures of leaves and find them in nature within 5 minutes.


Package 5 activities: Duration 2.5 H. Price 200 000 Vnd

Workshop “Making TÒ HE” and “Nurturing children’s love for animal’s natural start” can be done individually.

Making TÒ HE – Time: Every hour – Price 70 000 Vnd

Nurturing children’s love for animal’s natural start – Time: From 9 am and every hour – Price 70 000 Vnd

These workshop are open to kids and grownups to learn and play together.

For info HERE or booking contact or come directly at Family Garden Sunday April 25


Food & Lifestyle fair

Sunday April 25.2021 – From 9 am to 4 pm

Family Garden –  28 Duong Thảo Điền, Quận 2, HCMC.






Available in : Vietnamese

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