Road trip? Been there. Cruise? Done that. Simply jetting off for the weekend or for a longer holiday? Southeast Asia, thanks to its diversity and exotic grandeur, has been revered as one of the world’s must-see destinations for any traveler. So ditch that everyday vacation and, instead, embark on a truly wild adventure because sometimes it’s not about the destination, but the journey itself.  So when it comes to plan your holiday, chose the high fun factor. Here are five fun and weird ways to travel in Asia.





Fly in a Hot air Balloon ride in Bagan – Myanmar

Apart from the magical feeling of floating in the sky, the views seen from a balloon is so sublime and diversified that you will not know where to turn your head!

Hotairballon HERE

Ballon Over Bagan  HERE





Discover Halong bay Vietnam in Seaplane

From the air, you will see parts of the bay not visible from the cruise boats. Hidden lakes, craters, valleys, all carpeted in an iridescent green.

Hai Hau aviation  HERE





Use the Bancas in the Philippine islands

The thousands of islands forming the Philippines archipelago offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Use a Bancas the traditional indigenous double outrigger crafts boat, connecting an island to the others.





Move in Tuk- Tuk in Thailand

Thailand’s national emblem, the Tuk-tuk is at the heart of the Bangkok experience for most visitors. They are used as a public utility vehicle for locals and tourist. A ballad in Tuk Tuk, especially to avoid Bangkok’s traffic is one of the best things to experiment in Thailand. Tuk Tuk doesn’t have any meter so you’ll have to negotiate the price before getting inside.  It’s part of the game!





Travel with the Circular train of Yangon

Take 3 hours to do this tour that will cost you only one euro! Nothing better if you want a complete immersion into the Burmese life. No filters, all is authentic!

Central Station, Yangon (Rangoon), Birmanie



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