Whether you are in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, or Indonesia, here are the most beautiful waterfalls in South Asia


Yang Bay, Vietnam



In the province of Khanh Hoa, the Yang Bay Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful in Vietnam. Attracting more and more tourists every year, the site will still surprise you for its still wild wilderness. Indeed, the site is located at 1000 meters of altitude and surrounded by forests and mountains. An invigorating and ideal experience for children and non-swimmers.


Erawan falls – Thailand



The Erawan Falls are located in Kanchanaburi province, few hours west of Bangkok (three hours by bus), in Erawan National Park. Since 1975, the park homes the famous waterfalls, a series of seven small waterfalls, as well as a variety of wildlife including wild elephants, gibbons, sambar deer …  The best time to go there is just after the monsoon (from the end of October) when the water level is unusually high and the flow more impressive. You need about 3, 4 hours to visit the site. Bathing is permitted.


Thi Lo Su, Thailand



Just a few hours north of Bangkok in Tak province (5 hours by bus), Thi Lo Su falls is certainly the highest waterfall in Thailand and the most imposing. Its approximate height is about 200 meters and 400 meters wide. This waterfall is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As it is tough to get there, The best way is to use a 4×4 through the jungle.


Pongour, Vietnam



Located about 50 km south of Dà Lat in the highland, Pongour Falls is the most powerful waterfall in Vietnam. This waterfall is 40 meters high and spread on over seven floors. The Access there is difficult as the site is quite far from the city. The Pongour Falls are deeply buried in the jungle, and a winding path between the tea plantations will leads you to them.


Ban Giôc – Detian, Vietnam



Just on the border of China and Vietnam are the magnificent Ban Giôc – Detian Falls. The Detian Falls are in the Chinese territory while Ban Giôc is on the Vietnamese side. The Ban Giôc waterfall is known to be heard for miles around. Ban Giôc is the highest and largest waterfall in Vietnam with water flows striking the rocks 70 meters below. The falls roar all year round in a setting of rice fields and large bamboos forest dominated by a mountainous landscape.


Kuang Si, Laos



30 kilometers from Luang Prabang, the waterfalls of Kuang Si are a must-see. The major waterfall and the smallest ones are forming small naturally turquoise pools. The site is part of a park incorporating a protection center for black bears and an open butterfly farm.


Tad Sae, Laos



Not far from Kuang Si and Luang Prabang, the site of Tad Sae is less touristic and visited by local young people. You can get there by motorbike and find on the site a zip-line attraction, as well as elephants.


Anisakan, Burma



Not far from Pyin Oo Lwin and well hidden, is the waterfall of Anisakan. The place is heavenly, but very hard to access too. You have to be prepared for an 1 hour 30 to climb there. Get good shoes and a bottle of water!


Dusun Kuning, Indonesia




The Dusun Kuning waterfall is situated on the island of Bali in Indonesia. One of the prettiest waterfalls, but also the most difficult to access, you will have to follow a narrow path leading you into the tropical forest.






The fall of Kahatola, Indonesia



This fantastic waterfall is on the island of Kahatola, about 3 hours by boat from the port of Jailolo in Indonesia. According to the local, the water would not come from any river, but from the rain and dew accumulated upstream.



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