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July 26.2021



Titanic basin, vintage french model in ebony marble … Who has never dreamed of redecorating their bathroom, after seeing a fantastic one in a movie? These films present the 7th art’s most beautiful bathrooms and bathtubs, which are inexhaustible sources of inspiration.




Quantum of solace (2008) – Marc Forster  





In Quantum of Solace, M’s bathroom has a sharp centralized marble tub (complete with all the bath time accessories) and appears to incorporate some living room features as well, with an open fireplace and a couple of comfortably upholstered chairs to soften the space. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day of tracking her super spy’s rambunctious exploits.




Marie Antoinette (2006) – Sofia Coppola





Mirrored walls, gilt ceilings, ornate headboards, intricate upholstery, cornflower blue velvet curtains, hand-painted wallpaper… Everything in Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette is extravagant and lavish. A maximalist design for the best of French history.




Scarface (1983) – Brian De Palma




Scarface’s bathroom oozes architecture that is undeniably 1980: a love of excess and living it up. Details that stand out include the carpet, light marble, and baroque gold fittings.




Harry Potter And the Goblet of Fire (2005) – Mike Newell





It’s difficult to pick the most magical moment in a series about the wonders of magic. But the bathroom is the cherry on top. This bathroom on the fifth floor of Hogwarts has a sunken swimming pool-like bathtub surrounded by taps that run a variety of bath-water colors and soap surrounded by gothic windows and stained-glass murals.




Decline and Fall of a Birdwatcher (1968) – John Krish




In the British film ‘Decline and Fall of a Birdwatcher,’ Geneviève Page takes a bubble bath under a cherry tree. The inspiring details include the country decor and the hand-shaped structure, which is so kitsch it’s almost amusing.




Cléopâtre (1963) – Joseph L Mankiewicz




Elizabeth Taylor dabbles in a very Versacian giant basin, surrounded by water lilies and a golden miniature. The round shape, the abundance of plants, and the amphora are all eye-catching details.




The Shining – Stanley Kubrick – 1980





The bathroom in Room 237 is without a doubt one of the scariest scenes in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic horror film The Shining.









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