Food safety and its risks to your health


June 1.2019




An important food safety issue is the high level of chemical residue on vegetables and fruits. A daily food stable for most people. The usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and much more has become excessive in Vietnam in recent years. Likewise, the application of antibiotics, growth hormones, artificial ingredients and much more in animal farming.





To make things worse, chemicals and artificial ingredients are also used in the downstream process of cleaning, preparing and packaging. All in pursuit of higher yields and profits!…Food contamination is also apparent within dairy and seafood products; along with the common use of unregulated additives in most types of processed foods. One food scandal after the other has been uncovered. Rotten meat has found its way to the consumer and vegetables and fruits are being injected with chemicals to increase the rate in which they ripen. Shrimps and various other seafood are being injected with unknown substances to increase their weight. Harmful substances such as growth hormones, antibiotics, toxic dyes, flavor enhancers, thickening agents and artificial emulators, to name just a few, are being introduced into the food which we consume. Bon Appetit!… Follow the article on ByNature




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