Food: The “Ham and olives cake” from Olivier Maquaire


In addition to its IYA limited agency, specializing in the establishment of visas and administrative documents here in Saigon, Olivier Maquaire reveals us today one of his favorite recipes, he used to cook for his family and friends: the ‘Ham and olives Cake’. A savory snack starring simple but tasty ingredients.



















150g wheat flour

Pinch of yeast

3 eggs

10 cl milk

10 cl of oil (vegetable if possible)

Salt pepper

150g pitted green olives

200g ham stock




Place the flour in a bowl in a bowl

Add the eggs in the center, with the pinch of yeast

Add the eggs to the dough

Add milk and oil, and mix to have a homogeneous paste

Let the dough rest, and take the opportunity to start preheating the oven to 190 ° C

Meanwhile, dice the ham.

Drain the olives, and rinse with water to remove excess brine.

Incorporate the olives and ham cut into the dough.

Add the pepper (and salt if necessary)

Mix so that everything is evenly distributed.

Pour into the cake pan.

Put in the oven

Cook for 40 minutes.

Get out, unmold, it’s ready.



Dress the cake with a salade on the side to bring down the acidity.

Wine:  A rosé wine is ideal.

This recipe can be kept in the fridge and eaten hot or cold.

The yeast can be replaced by sodium bicarbonate.

You will need a cake pan for the recipe.




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