Flat Hair Problems? Learn Ways to Get Visible Lift and Volume

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November 03.2021



You left the house with selfie-worthy, voluminous locks only to find yourself stuck with flat hair just a few hours later? Say goodbye to flat hair with these essential volume-boosting solutions. Try them now, thank us later.





Find your perfect fringe type




Like a magic trick for your mane, a fringe (clipped on or cut in) can add the illusion of instant fullness. By pulling an extra section of hair to the front of the face, it gives the illusion that there is a uniform thickness to the rest of your strands.




Shampoo just the roots of your hair




This is a trick to getting rid of the oil build-up on the scalp that causes flat hair while also avoiding drying out the ends. Work the shampoo into a lather in the palm of your hands, then massage it just into your scalp. When you rinse it off, the shampoo will run down the ends of your hair, cleansing it gently.




Keep conditioner away from your roots




This is a simple tip that can change the level of volume in your hair. It’s so important that you only focus conditioner on the bottom 2/3rds of your strands. If you put conditioner in your roots is will over-moisturize them and weigh them down, taking away any hope of creating volume at the root.



Use conditioner before shampoo




Another way to target both oily roots and dry ends is to condition before shampooing. Conditioner can leave a residue on your hair which makes it look limp and flat. Shampooing after conditioning helps get rid of this residue.




Use a clarifying shampoo once a week




Many hairdressers agree that the most common cause of flat hair is a build-up of hair products and pollutants on the scalp. They suggest using a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of the residue.



Blow-dry just the roots




While heat can make dry hair even frizzier, leaving the roots to air dry makes it lie flat on the scalp. After washing your hair, blow-dry just the roots to add volume while letting the ends of your hair air dry.



Lift roots and blow-dry with hot and cool air




The technique of blow drying is key. Avoid pointing the hairdryer nozzle in the direction of your hair growth as this only flattens it even more. Use a hairbrush to lift the roots from the scalp, blast it with warm to hot air for a few seconds, and then with cool hair, and releasing it once the hair has cooled down. You’ll instantly get volume at the roots.




Use the right kind of hairbrush to avoid flat hair: Use a vented boar bristle brush




Boar bristle brushes can help smoothen and detangle while vents circulate the air to create volume.




Sleep with your hair up




Sleeping your hair tied up while sleeping makes it look more voluminous when you let it down in the morning. You can tie your hair in a loose bun or ponytail. Make sure to leave a few inches from your scalp for a natural look and a more comfortable sleep.




Create volume with hair rollers




Hair rollers are a great way to boost volume and body in your style. Start by blowdrying your hair to about 70% done. Then, add in your hair rollers to create and set your style. Remove your rollers once your hair is 100% dry.



Flip your part for an instant boost





Are you ready for the quickest volume hack in the hair world? After blow-drying your hair into your usual part, flip your locks over to the opposite side of your head, or a deep left or right part if you usually separate them in the middle. This is an easy fix that will add an instant volume at the crown of your hair!



Get a thickening spray




After you’re done styling, add in some thickening spray to add extra fullness. Just give this a spray at your roots and let the thickening begin.



Build up your bounce with backcombing.




A fine-toothed comb is one of the most underrated products for limp locks. It’s the easiest and most effective way to backcomb flat hair. If you’re opting for a complex updo or need to ensure your style lasts all day, tease the hair at the roots by backcombing small sections where you want extra volume. Most people tend to rush this process in fear of creating a messy, unkempt vibe, but to backcomb effectively, you have to work slowly and precisely.











Available in : Vietnamese

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