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April 14.2021


If you want to stock your closet with unique pieces of the moment without dawning the same exact items as everyone else, you may be wondering, “where do I start?” I personally love to keep an eye on fashion insiders (like myself) who are on the pulse of rising labels, and their outfits very often inspire the pieces I’m adding to my wardrobe. So, which cool brand is the one worth shopping for now?


If there was to be one fashion brand that could impart some sense of sartorial optimism, Tò Mò’s line of sport pants – leggings would probably be at the top of most lists. The Saigon-based designer’s collection arrives like a long-awaited antidote to the current landscape of uninspired wardrobes; a dreamy treasure chest of the highest-quality, limited-edition garments that can’t wait to stand out and shine.







Tò Mò designs beautiful, timeless pieces that you’ll have in your closet forever


Launched in 2021 under the watchful eye of Adrienne De Geer, the creator of Tò Mò brand (the name translates from Vietnamese to mean ‘be curious’), the brand is committed to a sustainable future and focuses on quality and localism while giving “carte blanche” to a modern and cool design — all while celebrating the marriage of Vietnamese heritage and Scandinavian minimalism.







“I like to dress curious women that want to be beautiful.” Adrienne De Geer



Ask any of Tò Mò’s enthusiastic followers and they will tell you that the brand is much more than just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle. The label brings an opportunity for people to wear stunning clothing while feeling like their most authentic selves, centered around a better future, with optimism for the planet, its people, and the next generation. “Purposeful Consumption has reflected my way of consuming since I was a young girl. I still remember, after months of saving up, buying me a “Marc O’Polo knitted sweater”; I still have it! I prefer to pay a bit extra and invest high quality, with limitless design, and have an outfit that will stay with me for a long time said Adrienne.”


Adrienne De Geer likes to create connections and see humans, ideas, and concepts grow all together and is also a firm believer in the strength of the collective – not as a narrow ideology, story, or truth, but as a movement forward to continue supporting the earth. In parallel to Tò Mò, she is also the founder of “Mark Your Wall,” an interior design company creating unique pieces of wall to tell stories. Your story.









You look good in wild!



At Tò Mò one quickly sees that the mantra “Less is more” is at the heart of everything they do, all the way from the choice of materials to reduce waste, their packaging, and distribution processes all-the-while putting the client’s voice first. In visiting Tò Mò’s website, you’ll always find a piece that feels just right for your personal style. While classic leggings never go out of style, a more print-style legging like Tò Mò’s is worth considering. They are classy and match the weather perfectly, so you get the best of both worlds! “My hope and wish are that dressed up in a Tò Mò creation, you will indulge in explorations, connect with yourself and others, embrace the wild in You, and live fully!” said Adrienne.


Check regularly their website, more creations will launch under the Tò Mò brand over time.

To mo will be at the Saigon Lifestyle Fair April 25, Family Garden, 28 Thao Dien, Quân 2 HCMC.


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And because we are already thinking of preparing our next adventure and a new wardrobe, we invite you to take a flip through the looks below.




































Available in : Vietnamese

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