December 20.2019


Although Woodstock festival closed its doors almost 50 years ago, the Eco-friendly ideology comes back in the festival circuit. And this for a good reason. Indeed, Festivals reveal how wasteful society can be, and when it comes to plastic, festival sites are generally littered with a sea of environmentally harmful disposable plastic cups and waste.







Epizode the music Festival happening in Phu Quoc from December 27 to January 7, 2020, is now growing conscience of their ecological footprint and choose to commit itself to tackle waste management. Indeed, the festival is stepping up and the 2020 festival will see the light with new Eco-initiatives.







During the whole production, Epizode educated and will continue to educate the team, local partners and the audience about the responsibility that one can take to prevent the collapse of the Eco-system.

Plastic water bottles will be no longer presented and the festival will be supplied with water in aluminum cans. beWater have committed to fully managing the entire life cycle of their cans, from distribution to collection & recycling to supporting crucial local causes.

Plastic straws will be replaced with eco-friendly wild grass straws thanks to their local partner Zero Waste Saigon.







Tableware used in the food court is now provided by Ho Chi Minh based company Green Domino Eco Solutions which provides tableware made from recycled sugarcane which decomposes in 45 days.

Festival also will launch a cup sharing system in the bars. You will get the cup with a deposit of 1 token when buying your first drink at any bar and you keep it with you. Cups will be exchanged for clean ones with the purchase of a new drink. Used cups will be returned and the deposit will be refunded.







Three types of trash bins will be provided: for plastic, aluminum and mixed garbage with a transparent system of its further recycling.

Epizode also aims to keep the territory clean from cigarettes and encourage the public to buy pocket ashtrays.

Shops present on the site were encouraged to offers a lot of Eco-friendly items – among them are reusable water bottles, bamboo straws, bamboo cups and much more.

Conferences and training about the environment will be organized in the newly designed and comfortable recreational space called Whale Temple.

Two cleaning events for Phu Quoc beaches will be organized with Phu Quoc Clean & Green to remove the waste from the beaches. The first one was on the 15th of December, the second round will be held on the 3rd of January.







Festival’s art crew has been also motivated to organize their work in a green way: artists and decorators in priority have considered reusable options on the second-hand market before buying new materials.


Yes, Epizode is now taking steps to be Eco friendly but remember you will be the one to make this festival experience stays as green as possible by respecting the Eco rules planned and by being responsible for your plastic use and wasteful!


Epizode Festival 2020

Kiến Giang – Duong To, Kiến Giang, Phú Quốc, Vietnam

December 27 – January 7,2020

Info and tickets HERE







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