Dry January? These Saigon Staples Have you Covered           

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Ah, the first month of a new year; a time of change, a chance to refresh, or, for some, to hit the reset button. While your resolutions may vary, among the most popular new year rituals lately has been Dry January.







Dry January is the practice of giving up alcohol for the first month of the year, and has been officially recognized as a public health campaign in the UK. For some it’s an easy task, while for others it may take some planning and getting used to a new routine. If you’re participating in Dry January and are looking for some ideas to mix things up in Saigon, take a look below.






By now, you’re likely familiar with Kombucha, and with ever-expanding flavors and varieties, there’s no better time to explore and find new favorites. Luckily for us, Saigon has no shortage of places to find this healthy option to start or end your day. Specialty kombucha vendors include Kombucha Saigon as well as from La Holista in Thao Dien.







Of course, Saigon is also the land of smoothies and fresh juices. It takes only a few steps around any crowded district to stumble upon something healthy and delicious. Where Vietnamese specialties are concerned, don’t miss an avocado smoothie (Sinh tố bơ) or, on the even sweeter side, opt for a sugar cane juice (Nước Mía) to satiate a late-afternoon craving.






Finally, since Dry January doesn’t spell the end of nights out enjoying the city, mocktails offer a way to enjoy the best of cocktails with none of the aftermath. Fear not, as many of Saigon’s cocktail mainstays also offer excellent mocktails, including Peter Cuong Franklin’s concept bar Nhau Nhau as well as casual hangs like the BA Street Cocktail in Binh Thanh. More likely than not, your neighborhood joint will be happy to craft your favorites—from whisky sours sans whisky to fruity caipirinhas—in accordance with the month.


Make the most of your month and keep your beverages fresh — February will be here in no time.











Available in : Vietnamese

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