July 9.2022


Driving a motorbike is one of the most incredible experiences in Ho Chi Minh City. When you first arrive in the city, you can’t help but notice the craziness of the traffic, the abundance of bikes, and (according to us) the lack of rules. However, you’ve noticed the grace in such madness and want to be a part of it and so you buy or rent a motorcycle. Here are some of the gains you can expect.





You come across a new rhythm

Because traffic is usually slow and roads are congested, you must drive in the same rhythm as others; in other words, do as others do. That is an excellent lesson. We in the West are concerned with getting ahead and moving as quickly as possible; however, sometimes we just have to accept and play by someone else’s rules: to drive at a different rhythm and enjoy it. Even when the roads are congested, we get where we need to go, and that is the most important thing.


You increase your level of observation

Because there are so many drivers around you, you have to pay attention everywhere. By keeping awareness on others, you learn to observe, and your level of observation grows.





You have fun

It’s nice to enjoy other people’s smiles and curiosity, and getting more attention is always a good feeling.


You improve your curiosity

There are so many incredible drivers in HCMC, carrying a fridge, animals, and half a dozen kids all at once… We can’t stop ourselves from wondering how they do it. That is a wonderful sensation because curiosity is a source of energy and vitality.





You learn to look for alternatives

If your motorcycle breaks down, you can easily find someone to repair it in HCMC. In Vietnam, there is always a plan B!


Be aware that driving a motorbike in HCMC is also a risky experience. Each year many Vietnamese and foreigners get seriously injured and die in bike accidents.






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