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May 15,2021


Dong Thap, Sadec province, in the Mekong Delta, at 180 Km from HCMC, remains the ideal getaway to escape for few days. The province has a specific location located at the entrance of the Tien River, on the border with Cambodia with 4 border gates: on the north, Vinh Long Province and Can Tho City on the south, An Giang Province on the west, and Long An, Tien Giang provinces on the east. While traveling to Dong Thap, visitors will not only have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the transportation and irrigation canals, huge rice fields, fragrant lotus lakes, a large forest area (10,000 hectares) but also to taste countless delicious dishes from the region.








What should you see in Dong Thap?

Gao Giong ecotourism zone





Gao Giong Ecotourism Zone is located in Hamlet 6, Gao Giong Commune, Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province, about 15 km from Cao Lanh city center. There are nearly 2000 hectares of melaleuca forest and a population of 40 hectares, welcoming more than 15 rare and precious bird species living, nesting, and laying eggs, as well as rich and diverse aquatic resources …There, you can hike,  rest in a hammock and swing with the cool local breeze, you can relax while fishing or have a rustic meal with dishes: Grilled Snakehead Fish with Young Lotus Leaves and Braised Tilapia Fish, Sour Fish and cooked with lilies.



Xeo Quyt




Xeo Quyt located in My Hiep and My Long district of Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province was from 1960 to 1975 the revolutionary base of Dong Thap province Party Committee leading the people to fight against the US. With an area of 50 hectares and recognized today as a national historical relic since 1992, Xeo Quyt welcomes today 20 Ha of cajuput forest, and a large number of plants, wild animals such as mold python, buffalo cobra, box turtle, wide-beaked lemongrass, and common otters …

You have two ways to discover the ruins:  Walk under the forest canopy, follow the unique path in the relic, about 1.5 km long. If not, you can experience the waterfront west, by taking a three-leaf boat, taking you into the creeks to visit the whole monument.

Going deep into the ruins, you will see images of an old war zone with A-bomb shelters, Z-shaped battle tunnels, or L-shaped secret vaults … restored on the background of ancient traces. Along with that are the secret bases, the shacks, kitchens, meeting rooms, bomb craters … are still intact in the old base.



The flowered village of Sa Dec




A unique, attractive, and colorful tourist destination that cannot be ignored when coming to Dong Thap. Located on the south bank of the Tien River, next to the belt of Provincial Road 848 in the town of Sa Dec – Dong Thap Province, Tan Qui Dong Flower Village, also known as Sa Dec Flower Village is a traditional village where flowers, bees, butterflies fly together in an ecstatic scent.




TRAM CHIM National Park




Located in hamlet 4, city of Tram Chim, district of Tam Nong, the national park of Tram Chim covers a vast area of 7,612 ha spanning 5 municipalities. This place has a magnificent natural landscape with a multitude of species of flora and fauna, in particular, rare birds such as white-winged swans, pelicans, yellow cranes, old Javan, cranes … Besides the Park also offers many interesting activities such as canoeing, rice harvesting or just taking unique pictures.







Sa Dec noodle soup is the most famous dish.  Made of new rice, fresh, milky white cooked with pork bones, topped with finely chopped green onions and cilantro. The noodles are served with a plate of congee porridge, raw vegetables including bean sprouts, chives, celery, and lettuce.

Grilled snakehead fish rolled with young lotus leaves is a famous Dong Thap dish that every visitor should try once. Snakehead fish is grilled whole, then sprinkled over with shallot and peanuts, and dipped in fish sauce with tamarind.



When to visit Dong Thap?

Dong Thap is located in the tropical climate hot and sunny all year round, the weather is mild, pleasant without cold or stormy seasons. The climate of Dong Thap is divided into two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. During the rainy season from May to November, visitors can enjoy fruit fields and admire the lotus in full bloom. The dry season starting from December to April is the occasion of the Tet holidays with gardens of spring flowers in full bloom, and tangerine fields in February.



How to get to Dong Thap?

About 150 km from Saigon and 80 km from Can Tho, visitors can choose to travel by bus, car, or motorbike. From Saigon, there are 2 main roads from Saigon to Dong Thap: via NH62 (for a fee) and the national road N2 (for no charge). This route will take visitors to Nhi My – Cao Lanh Town of Dong Thap Province. There are also direct buses from Ho Chi Minh City, My Tho, Can Tho, Vinh Long, and Long Xuyen.













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