Do you want to clean your iPhone? Visit a McDonald’s restroom

November 19.2022





With the coronavirus outbreak, McDonald’s has chosen to focus on hygiene in Asia, installing a new device for customers to sanitize their smartphones in a McDonald’s restaurant that recently opened in Saitama, Japan. There are already distributors of hydro-alcoholic gel to disinfect hands at the entrance to American fast-food chain restaurants, but no device has yet been designed for cleaning telephones, which are a real germ nest. The concept is simple: simply insert the phone into the slot provided. Because of the UV rays, 99.9% of the bacteria on the device’s screen vanished at the end of the operation. When you consider that a phone can contain thousands of different bacteria, this is an outstanding performance. For the time being, no information has been provided regarding the possible installation of this device outside of Japan. However, videos on social media show that everyone seems to be enjoying this McDonald’s novelty.






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