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December 27.2022


Saigonese love a market that is a unique combination of eating chatting and browsing. Housed inside a coffee shop and a small alley on No Trang Long street in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Thanh district, No Trang Long Scrap Market is called a “market” but is actually just an exchange area for people who share a passion for antiques and come here to exchange or show off their collected items. Some people come to this market to trade items, while others come for a cup of coffee and to look at the antiques, that only occurs at the weekend.





Over 40 stalls in a coffee shop and a small alley display various antiquities such as coins, books, jewelry, ceramic items, and altar brassware. Prices range from tens of thousands to millions of Dong. Antiques are mostly purchased from family members of deceased collectors, from overseas Vietnamese, or from contacts introduced by regular customers.





This antique market, which is only open on Sundays at Cao Minh Garden Cafe, has been open since 2013 and is a great place for anyone living in Vietnam or visiting, nostalgic enthusiasts, and tourists to shop and rediscover old Saigon memories.


No Trang Long Scrap Market

311/27 No Trang Long Street, Ward 13. Binh Thanh District. Ho Chi Minh City










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