October 21, 2019


Do you usually buy your coffee in the supermarket, and stay faithful to your favorite brands? And what if you changed slightly your habits?  Whether you’re a fan of ground or beans coffee for your faithful elixir at home, The Coffee Tree, in Ho Chi Minh City, should interest you.







Nothing like trying a new espresso to break the routine and titillate your palate again because sipping a cup of coffee is all about immersing yourself in an experience of extreme intensity. First, you feel the warm brew in your hands, you smell the different flavors and then you taste all the strength and the finesse to succumb to enchantment.

The Coffees Tree offers to the most discerning connoisseurs, a Vietnamese coffee full of its essence and most authentic expression taking its origins in the rarest sources of Vietnam, in Daklat and Dalat where flavors meet the best ground to produce a 100% natural coffee, without additives, magnified by top producers. The mixture made from 30% Arabica and 70% Robusta gives to the coffee an exceptional roundness, a subtle intensity, with a hint of bitterness. Finally, a medium roast, and a slightly coarse grinding makes it more flowery, with some taste rich in aromas very popular to women.







To Drink good coffee makes you happy?


So do not hesitate, because now, The Coffee Tree makes a promotional offer. If you buy 10 kg of coffee per month, they offer you a Krups coffee machine!






Everything is there, in the purest respect of the Vietnamese coffee’s tradition, and you just have to savor it by the book!


More info on Coffee Tree HERE




















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