Dining with Luxury Brands Across Asia

March 29.2023

In cities across Asia, luxury fashion brands have made their mark for years. Now it has reached a new frontier with collaborations between luxury labels and Michelin-starred restaurants. From Tokyo to Seoul, restaurants, cafes, and hospitality spaces planned and designed by brands like Chanel and Dior have been cropping up. Some boast celebrity chefs and are tapping into fast-growing luxury consumer markets, while others are built into existing branded spaces. Take a look at some of the brands leading the way.





Cafe Dior in Seoul has teamed up with famous French pastry chef Pierre Hermé for a meticulously-crafted menu of coffee, pastries and desserts.




Cafe Dior in Seoul



Set in the House of Dior in Seoul’s House of Dior, the boutique places French architecture in the bustling Seoul district of Gangnam.




Cafe Dior in Seoul


In Seoul you can also visit the iconic Hermes store, which has partnered with the Shilla hotel to open Cafe Madang, offering a modern design juxtaposed with the historic brand.




Beige Restaurant Tokio


Meanwhile in Tokyo, Beige, a restaurant partnering with Chanel, was awarded two Michelin stars in 2016. Beige focuses on contemporary Japanese cuisine with an emphasis on fresh season produce. Tokyo also offers a restaurant from Bulgari, the Italian jewelry and luxury brand; Ristorante Luca Fantin features fine italian food and a Michelin star of its own.




Cafe Vivienne Westwood





Moving next to China and Hong Kong, an array of unique restaurants have emerged in partnership with luxury brands holding court in major cities. In both Shanghai and Hong Kong, you can find Cafe Vivienne Westwood which symbolizes the colorful and creative design of the brand.








As cities around Asia continue to expand and grow, we guess you can expect nicer surprises. Whether you fancy a world-class shopping experience or a meal with the Michelin stamp of approval, something tells us, there’s a chance you may not even need in the future to change buildings. Whatever your expectations are.




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