Diggi, the Italian sportswear brand, founded by De Giorgio, an Italian designer in 2016 is updating today in Vietnam, the world of urban clothing by fusing the concept of the running wear and the loose-fitting clothing born in Manchester’s late 80s. Indeed Diggi proposes an eclectic collection of sportswear printed clothing ideal for every activity mixing and reflecting lightness and youthful energy.







Sportswear-inspired shapes of the 80s and timeless silhouettes typify the Diggi range, while rich and elegant details add a European and youthful appeal to the look.  The collection features high-tech designs in a palette of stark but trendy monochromes.








Unexpected textures and shapes update a nostalgic sportswear silhouette, while futuristic details reflect Diggi’ forward thinking sensibility. Contrasting shades and technical materials complete the youthful energy of this urban collection.









Diggi is a brand made in Vietnam and is a sustainable project who aims to spread Vietnam’s handmade knowledge still present in the country and to support local families and some charity associations.

Diggi sportwear is available at The Closet Concept Store HCMC Vietnam.










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