Vietnam is well known for his atypic gastronomy pleasing the Vietnamese as much as the occidentals. However, Vietnamese treats stay entirely unknown because considered having not an appealing look and completely at the opposite of the Occidental esthetic and taste criteria. But even if the Vietnamese desserts could seem to westerners very poor, most of them are not and are even delicious. Give it a try!




Chè Trôi Nước



Originally from China, this cake was introduced in Vietnam a long time ago.

This dessert is originally from China and introduced in Vietnam a long time ago.These balls made from mung bean paste are wrapped in a shell made of rice flour and served with thick, brown ginger syrup and topped with sesame. To eat hot!



Douhua – Tào Phớ



This dessert is not a typical Vietnamese dessert you will find in Vietnam but in many others Asiatic countries as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia. The cake which looks like a Tofu pudding is re interpreted differently in Vietnam, with sometimes, black beans, lotus seeds, with a chocolate syrup, milk or even coffee. … Ganh Hang restaurant at no.40 Tran Cao Van is definitely your first choice.



Bánh Da Lợn



The green- yellow cake with a gorgeous look is made of flour, tapioca, mung bean, durian, taro, and coconut milk. This Mildly sweet with a chewy and sticky texture can be found in almost every Vietnamese bakery and grocery store



Bánh Bò Nướng



With a taste of coconut milk and pandan leaves this velvet green cake with an outside brown crust is the perfect partner with a cup of tea for your five o’clock.

You know it’s a true Banh Bo when it has a honeycomb texture inside, that’s why the name of the cake is Honeycomb. You can find this cake at An Diem – Pham Don in District 5.


Bánh Pía



Introduced in the 17th century by the Chinese, this cake has an intense Durian taste. Made of duck eggs, green beans and taros, this dessert is a perfect gift to offer to friends and family. Durian lover, this is your cake!


Huoi chien



Fried banana is a street snack easy to find in Vietnam. Warm and soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside this simply fried banana doughnuts are the best made in Vietnam. You can find them at Chuoi Chien – De Tham, 40 De Tham, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1.



Banh Bo



The Banh Bo is definitely the best dessert to satisfy a sweet tooth. Spongy with a fluffy interior, this cake is made of glutinous rice flour and yeast. Sesame seeds on the top and coconut milk give to this cake a richness and an incredible aroma.You can find some at Banh Bo La Dua, 3 Pham Ngoc Thach, District 3




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