Amazing Deserts to try in Vietnam

January 4.2023


Vietnam is well known for its gastronomy, which appeals to both Vietnamese and Westerners. However, Vietnamese delicacies are still relatively unknown. Even if the Vietnamese desserts may surprise you, they are just so delicious. Give it a shot!



Chè refers to any traditional Vietnamese sweet beverage that can be consumed as a snack or dessert. Vegetables, fruits, seeds, beans, glutinous rice, tapioca powder, and coconut milk are common ingredients used. There are many varieties of “chè,” and these mildly sweet things do not always have the most sexiest appearance, but those who have tried them are completely addicted to this unforgettable type of sweet treat.



Chè bưởi




A pile of jellied pomelo peel in a mug is topped with mung beans, coconut cream, and peanuts to create a smooth, mellow sweet taste.



Banana with Sago Pearls and Coconut Milk Sweet Soup – Chè Chuối




The Chè Chui is a delectable daily sweet dessert served as a soup made with a special type of banana known as “chui xiêm,” which is cooked in coconut milk with sago pearls. This pudding-like dessert has a sweet and creamy flavor and a delicate banana scent.



Sweet Glutinous Rice Dumplings – Chè Trôi Nước




“Chè trôi nước” is a warm glutinous rice dumpling filled with mung bean paste and cooked in sweet ginger syrup. This desert is topped with white sesame and, on occasion, coconut milk. The golden, gooey syrup gives to this soup a sweet flavor and an aromatic ginger fragrance.



Vietnamese Sweet Corn Pudding – Chè Bắp




The “Chè bắp” a traditional Vietnamese pudding that can be served warm or cold, is made with sweet corn, glutinous rice, and sesame seeds. A delightful summer treat.



The Three Colors Dessert – Chè Ba Màu




The “chè ba màu” is made up of three different types of jelly and beans that are covered in sweetened coconut milk. The colors are created by the ingredients used. This colorful dessert is served cold in layers.



Logan and Lotus Seed Sweet Soup – Chè Long Nhãn Hạt Sen




The “chè long nhãn is one of the most popular desserts among locals because it is thought to help you calm your nerves, reduce stress and fatigue, and contribute to better sleep. With ice and a few drops of grapefruit flower oil, this dessert can be served warm or cold. People in Southern Vietnam like this dessert with dried longan.



Sweet Potato, Taro, and Cassava Dessert – Chè Bà Ba



This dessert is made with cassava, taro, and sweet potatoes that have been cooked in coconut milk and topped with tapioca pearls, roasted sesame, or peanuts. The creamy flavor and the sweetness make this dessert a wonderful snack for both hot and cold days.



Almond Panna Cotta Lychee Dessert – Chè Khúc Bạch




The Che Khuc Bach is cooked with seaweed with lychee, almond, and some fruits such as longan, kiwi, and apple.


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