June 23, 2020


Alexandra Sipa, who recently graduated in fashion from the prestigious University of the Arts in London Central Saint Martin, regularly buys electric wires thrown in a recycling center and on her uncle’s construction site to generate luxury textiles innovative at the base of its new collection of clothing and accessories in metallic lace. Born in Bucharest in Romania, she is inspired by traditional Romanian techniques and popular Western techniques to create a hybrid but unique lace.







For Sipa, “It is essential that her work is grounded in something real,” and carrying an important message. “I don’t want my work to be just beautiful for fun,” she explains, and “waste is becoming a global and environmental problem. The fastest-growing source of waste is electronic waste, reaching 50 million tonnes worldwide in 2020. Tech companies openly admit planned obsolescence, but hardly anyone talks about it.” She adds:  “Unfortunately, fashion is often one of the worst offenders in the face of the climate emergency.”







The industry is indeed one of the most important polluters in the world, as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation noted in a major report on the industry and sustainable fabrics, nearly 150 million tonnes of clothing will be put in discharge by 2050.

Sipa shares the idea that Fashion should introduce the idea of ​​a circular economy, where materials are reused and then reintegrate into the economy, never-ending up as waste.

“I believe real change is coming’ she adds, “the industry is finally realizing the urgency of change due to the climate emergency and the growing consumer demand for more sustainable options.”




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