Denim trends 2024

July 26.2023




Sustainable, colored and lightweight Denim will be the dominant trend in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 season. Bright colors and green cast dyeing, upcycling techniques, embellished denim, stone-inspired washes, and sun-faded hues with natural overdyed are Denim trend 2024.








XS 2024 emphasizes provocative and extravagant self-expression as a modern and unorthodox interpretation of the Noughties trend with very personal creative excesses. For denim, that includes the return of the Canadian tuxedo, the top-to-toe denim suit from 2000. Low-cut jeans the tiny shorts will also make a reappearance. Wearers will also customize denim in unique ways, giving it their own unique spin. For instance, clothing may be cut into pieces, worn backwards or upside down, painted, or embellished with rhinestones. Color: Blue/green thanks to a green-tinted dyeing technique called “green cast,” which involves dying the fabric with green sulfur before adding indigo to give it a bluish-green tint.



Burned Out




‘Burned Out’ is in contradiction with the glitz and is a darker, rawer response based on a pessimistic outlook for the future. Whether it be summer or not, the characters in this trend story are dressed in muted hues, primarily black and grey featuring mineral washes used to create a dirty effect. The silhouettes are much more relaxed and laid-back. Many pieces of denim are also recycled into new clothing as a response to the environmental crisis.



The Last Tourist




Post-Covid, there has been a resurgence in interest in travel, which has increased cultural sensitivity and led to sincerer storytelling. Denim trend mix materials, prints, techniques, hand adornments, souvenir patches from all over the world, from quilting to boro and patchwork in a vibrant color palette including popping blue, pink and yellow.







Ethos emphasizes how early capitalism and the industrial age had turned us away from genuine and holistic clothing production that is in tune with spirituality and nature. With themes of durability, rustic styling, Ethos is inspired by practical and laid-back work wear in sun-faded hues with natural materials and dyes, made from only natural fibers and ingredients and often make of ‘raw’ denim, unwashed and untorn. Denim pants and jackets are loose or even oversized and offer the wearer comfort and room.






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