It’s may be because they were born in France that Diabolo Square’s founders always had a strong connection with Design. In 2016, Diabolo Square was born in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City; a discreetly elegant space dedicated to decoration and furniture, where young designers, as well as more established brands, are highlighted. Today, Diabolo Square gives us some tips to transform your living room into an ultra-design room worthy of a magazine.







When you hear “Contemporary design living room”, you think of a huge white room or of a waxed concrete space bathed in light. If these colors, are widely used by minimalism, and lend themselves perfectly to the Design style, it’s however generally necessary to introduce some colored material or accessories such as furniture, carpets, cushions, mirrors, etc. to warm the space.




An Exclusive furniture for a living room like no other


Egg Table lacquered and stools lacquered

The decoration of a Contemporary design living room begins with a piece of furniture or an accessory remarkable by its unique shape. It can be a sofa with special curves or a coffee table with an original and elegant design.




Have fun with materials and colors


Grey Sofa, Vintage armchair, wire table, bamboo lantern

For a contemporary interior, the mixture of materials and colors is an ingenious way to add some panache to your spaces. Solid materials like wood contrast nicely with metal, rattan, lacquer. A sofa in a rich, metallic shade will match perfectly pastel color tables. The result is a perfect blend of comfort and style.




A fifties design lounge


Dog Shelves

Does Design furniture with tonic and geometric patterns, speak to you? With this angular piece of furniture and round colorful shaped vases, you’ll return to the 1950’s while anchoring in the present. The cushions, and the sofa with warm textures in natural and pastel shades, offer a soft note to this extrovert furniture, like a breath of fresh air.




Colored accessories to warm the room


Cushions, handmade baskets, jewelry hanger, Lampari lamp

When a contemporary style living room in neutral tones adopts a touch of color, that changes everything. Especially a pop color!




Concrete curves and colors for a Design style


Meco fountain

Resolutely trendy and chic, the grey color has invaded our interiors and can be easily combined with colorful contemporary furniture. Choose modern and design curves to stay in a contemporary spirit and bet on light colors on the walls to enlighten your room.




Play with Mirror effects in the lounge


Mirror lacquered, stool, kid armchair in bamboo, mirror sideboard




The 70s style is still trendy. In stark contrast to the concrete floor and the black furniture, the orange accessories give an almost futuristic composition (although 1970s). The design of the furniture and the lacquered mirrors placed on the wall bring a touch of extravagance to this living room.












Design tableware brings that little bit of extra



Plates, salad bowl, mug, bamboo lanterns





For a trendy atmosphere, use designer-style tableware. The new generation of tableware emphasizes colors and materials and modernizes the genre for a poetic, minimalist and graphic table decoration.














Take your inspiration in history 


Rollinger pepper grinder from Peugeot, clay coasters

Get inspired by history and bring a familiar and warm feeling to your room. Think of kitchen utensils and accessories of yesterday…




Play with juxtapositions



Animal head in paper mash

Be fun and creative and invent surprising montages that everyone will talk about.




The right choice of lighting is the signature of a successful decoration


Lampari Lamp

Lighting is the key to success. A design lamp brings optimal brightness to your stay, but also a real decorative touch. Preferably choose a pretty designer piece that will proudly sit on a piece of furniture in your living room.




Textiles: The essentials to create a presence and a style


Carpets on black and white armchair



Cushions on leather sofa

Textiles and fabrics play a very big role in any good interior design project. They are essential to create a presence and a determined style. Choose plaids or cushions in red and orange hues to warm a room or blue-green and turquoise to cool and light up a room.


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