Đậu Đậu House – A compact house to live happier in Vietnam

March 5, 2020


It’s always difficult to build a voluminous home on a small area, but Vietnamese are now master in these type of challenges.







Landmak architectural firm has just build a 4 storey house in Nam Dinh called the Đậu Đậu house, built on a small nine by eleven meters plot sitting opposite a busy traffic junction.






Designed as a box block on several floors with a minimalist front, the house has windows and loggias smartly arranged to allow light and air to pass, and has thick doors to protect the inside from the street noise.








In order to make the most of the surface, the architectural firm designed the house as a compact cluster of miniature dwellings with compartmentalized open voluminous spaces and integrated green spaces with swimming pools to bring light and airy side.














The result is a house open to the elements, but also protected from external nuisances.
























Mezzanine kitchen and lounge, bedrooms, office, green terraces, swimming pool, sauna, children’s play area. Everything is included in the house.


















The winter garden is overlooked by a bedroom on the first floor and sliding glass doors separate the green spaces from the interiors.
















On the ground floor, the winter garden sit close to the living areas to ensure  light and ventilation, while a steel staircase leads to a Mezzanine kitchen and  dining room.
















The living area and office spaces sit at the front of the house and the bedrooms, bathrooms and stairs are located at the back of the house.














The third floor is designed as a space for children and the fourth floor houses a tropical garden surrounded by a desk, a prayer room, a bathroom and sauna.



Architects: Landmak Architecture
Architect in charge: Ta Tien Vinh, Phung Manh Toan
Design team: Lai Hung Quyet, Nguyen Khac Tue, Nguyen Ha Hoai Ly, Truong Quang Dao, Ngo Thi Ngan Ha, Doan Thi Huong, Dang Quynh An, Nguyen Manh Hung, Trinh Trong Quyen.

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Pics Landmak



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