“Dans la peau de l’ennemi” – Must see Art Exhibition – Vin gallery HCMC

July 20, 2020


Vin gallery opened in Ho Chi Minh City almost 10 years ago, has been run with the aim to promote a cross-cultural hybridization and introduce artists with strong conceptual and challenging visions. Today, still faithful to their objectives, they entrust us with the exhibition “Dans la peau de l’ennemi” by artist Frederic Dialynas Sanchez, both a personal journey of the artist exploring his Vietnamese heritage, and the re appropriation of post-war memories in a contemporary afterlife.







The first visit to Ho Chi Minh City Museum in 2012 left Sanchez fascinated by the way some of the war artifacts were used recreating new objects for everyday use. As a result, Sanchez searched the city markets and collected fabrics made from bulletproof vests left behind by American soldiers and reassembled them into patchworks on canvas. A historical object in itself doesn’t just carry with it the heaviness of the past but, in a way, also embedded the corporeality of human bodies and souls. The journey of searching and creating this body of work is a metaphor for how people are still finding new ways to (re)constitute their realities even decades after the war. Choosing the language of abstraction, Sanchez refused to impose his own authorial narrative, letting the viewers, to feel the texture, space, light, and to decide how to interpret the narratives.







Sanchez has participated in numerous exhibitions over the past decade including shows at institutions such as Kunsthalle, Germany; Musée des Beaux-Arts, France, Villa Medici, Italy; and China Academy of Arts, China. Besides, he has also participated in panel discussions and initiated workshops and curatorial projects inRocky Shore, Japan; Topaz, USA, and Bazaar Compatible Program, China. His artworks are in public and private collections including Musée Magnelli-Picasso, Vallauris, FNAC Paris, FRAC Limousin, and Le Consortium, France.


Dans la peau de l’ennemi – Frederic Dialynas Sanchez

Until 10 August 2020

Vin Gallery – Số 11 Đường Số 55, Thảo Điền, Quận 2. HCMC





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