Could Wine Protect you Against Covid 19?

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February 10, 2021






Could wine protect you against Covid 19?

This is what suggests a study conducted by American and Taiwanese researchers. At the end of 2020, American researchers from the University of North Carolina and the Taiwan University of Medicine showed in vitro that the polyphenols present in grape tannin and wine disrupt the way the Sars virus -Cov2 at the origin of Covid-19 replicates and spreads, by effectively inhibiting the activity of two key enzymes of the virus, which can then no longer penetrate cellular tissues.

“Of all the natural compounds we tested in the lab, tannic acid is the most effective,” told Pr Mien-Chie Hung, molecular biologist, and university president. He also recalled the good results obtained with experimental treatments with tannic acid in 2003 during the SARS pandemic.

On the other hand, we must take a step back from this study, replied some other scientists because it was carried out ‘in vitro’ and we know that experiments ‘in vitro’ often show significant differences. So, avoid drinking  phenomenal amounts of wine for the moment thinking you won’t contract Covid 19!



It’s not just wine in life!

Researchers are also interested in the virtues of green tea and cocoa, which would perhaps be able to slow down the activity of the virus as well. Indeed, researchers at the University of North Carolina have also just found that crude extracts of green tea and cocoa are also able to curb the activity of SARS-Cov-2, which causes Covid-19.







According to the results of this study, the chemical compounds of dark chocolate and cocoa powder affect the activity of the protease Mpro, reducing it by half and green tea also has inhibitory properties blocking the Covid-19 virus.

“These foods abundant in flavan-3-old and proanthocyanidins disrupt the way the virus replicates and attaches to human cells,” said Prof. De-Yu Xie, lead author of the study and professor of plant biology and microbial at North Carolina State University.

According to him, these proteases are important for the health and viability of cells and viruses. If proteases are inhibited, cells cannot perform many important functions – such as replication, for example. “One of the goals of our laboratory is to find nutraceuticals (compounds having a beneficial effect on health,) in foods or medicinal plants which inhibit either how a virus attaches to human cells or the propagation of a virus in human cells”.



Available in : Vietnamese

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