‘Conjuring’ Universe Explained in New ‘The Nun’ Featurette



Conjuring’ Universe Explained in New ‘The Nun’ Featurette

Director Corin Hardy‘s The Nun is going back to the very beginnings of James Wan‘s Conjuring Universe, the ever-expanding horror playground that’s a bit like the MCU with caped crusaders replaced with literal demons from hell. In a new featurette, Wan explains not only the origins of the universe, but also the complex timeline that spans both Conjuring films, Annabelle, and Annabelle: Creation. 

One of the things that occurred to us early on is, ‘they have a superhero universe, why can’t we do that in the horror world?’ When we were making the first Conjuring, it became very apparent to us that there could be a bigger universe. So many other stories that would be awesome to look into… Follow up the article on Hands-On.


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