September 12.2022


After covid, Saigon’s street bars are making slowly their comeback and mall alleyways, busy streets, and little hidden carts are what you’re looking for.





City Beer Station is a great place to end your search if you’re looking for an immersive experience with the much-loved Street bars of Q1, with the cozy social atmosphere of a sidewalk establishment. Popup bar for years, City Beer Station has been churning out fantastic mixed drinks on the sidewalk, and there is no better place to have quality drinks while chatting with friends and watching the traffic go by.





The prices are there a little higher than at other venues, but hey! They have a nice selection of cocktails and use Premium spirits, which are better for hangovers. If you get hungry, they cook some delicious finger food for you to snack on while you’re there.




Check out their menu HERE

City Beer Station

28ter 30 Mac Dinh Chi. Quân 1. HCMC




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