Christmas seen by Mercedes

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December 22, 2020


It’s full turbo for this car manufacturer at the end of 2020. To brighten up the last month of a year marked by  COVID-19, Mercedes unveiled rather original looks on three of its models: colored coatings in the style of “Christmas sweaters kitsch”.

After a complicated year, the German manufacturer wanted to bring a little cheerfulness and humor to its community and thus presented on its social networks two models, the G-Wagon, the AMG GT, and recently the Mercedes-Benz “Pagoda” SL, whose coating has viewed as kitsch as well as fun by internet users.





Santa, snowflake, Christmas tree, teddy bear, presents under the tree … the Mercedes covering is inspired by the mythical end-of-year sweaters and is coming with the hashtag #UglySweaterCars.

Here, the sturdy 4 × 4 is decked out in green tones with a hood adorned with two large, bespectacled fox heads, while the AMG Mercedes is covered with pop Santa Claus, eccentric horses and bears in orange and pink versions.





In an Instagram post from Mercedes-Benz, they have unveiled their latest ugly Christmas sweater: a Pagoda SL. The livery on this ugly Christmas car features the same art style as the G-Wagon and AMG GT, but has different imagery.





A well-established communication strategy. For the occasion, Mercedes also created a matching Instagram link, to support it. If the brand has not communicated on the possible marketing of these two character models, it is clear that they are above all intended to make lovers of beautiful cars smile and to generate interaction with the public on social media. Purists of course do not like the style, but Mercedes assumed its second degree humor. More colorful models could be unveiled in the coming days.




Available in : Vietnamese

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