Da Lat in Vietnam is well known for his temperate climate and the quality of his vegetable and flowers. During the 30s many Hanoi farmers migrated to Da Lat (Lam Dong Province) to make a living through the growing of vegetables and flowers and in early 1978, the Potato vegetable flower research center was set up in Da Lat. The center researched and applied hi-tech agricultural solutions such as tissue culture, new strains creation, experimental growing and established many production cooperation in the country and abroad. Nowadays, their posterity with their forefather’s experiences combined with high technology has taken the province to be considered as the vegetable and flower kingdom of the country. Potatoes, lettuce, watercress, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, bush, red peppers, bulb onions and others veggies are recognized by GAP Standards and are fresh and tasty as required by consumers.

But since a certain while, Da Lat is meeting a problem with dishonest wholesalers who re-brand Chinese potatoes into Da Lat grown delicacies to sell them at a higher price. They coat Chinese potatoes with red dirt to dupe consumers making them think they come from Da Lat and pretend to the authorities that the dirt coating is there to help them to preserve the plants during transportation. Today in Vietnam, there is no official rule to punish these dishonest wholesalers. Authorities can only impose a fine to the one who is caught selling the Chinese products as the Da Lat potatoes, but the proof in the form of labels or receipts must be obtained. More than 7,000 metric tons of Chinese potatoes are transported to Da Lat, via both official and cross-border imports, on an annual basis, reported Lai The Hung, head of the province’s plant protection department and Lam Dong Province Authorities can do nothing as the potatoes are only sold to consumers outside of Da Lat…



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