Celebrating Tet in the City?

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February 4.2021


While, for many, it’s the time of travel, Lunar New Year is also an ideal opportunity to enjoy a different side of Saigon. Take a walk, a deep breath, or venture to that neighborhood that always seemed a little out of reach. At Tet, the streets, usually jam-packed, go nearly silent. And even amongst the calm, the season of Tet in Saigon leaves no shortage of things to do.






As Tet is the year’s quietest week in Saigon, there’s no better time to get a new perspective on your surroundings, with the calm itself providing the backdrop to a blissful new year pause. The daily hustle and bustle of the city we’ve come to know can make it seem impossible to escape the sea of traffic and catch a moment of silence—Tet, however, is the time to find just that. Many businesses close their doors for owners to spend time with family, leaving the cityscape drastically altered and the opportunity to explore on foot.



Nguyen Hue walking street

In terms of seasonal festivities, Tet is a great chance to take in an extra-colorful city. To start, you can visit Nguyen Hue walking street, which boasts an annual flower exhibition up the historic walkway.



Tao Dan Park


In the lead-up to the season’s celebration, there’s also a flower market at District 3’s Tao Dan Park where visitors can see a range of music, crafts, as well as try out street food in one location. This is an especially appealing option for families, with a vibrant scene that suits all ages.

Of course, ringing in the year of the Ox wouldn’t be complete without fireworks. These will take place on the day of the Lunar New Year itself, Friday, February 12th. With the especially-clear sky that Tet affords, a rooftop can afford a marvelous view of the spectacle.

Start the year refreshed and take in a peaceful Saigon at Lunar New Year.






Available in : Vietnamese

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