Cask 88 Releases an adult treat for Halloween

October 28.2022





For this Halloween Cask 88 proposes a new witchcraft-themed single-malt scotch whisky. The second release in the Scottish Witchcraft Series is called The Book of Demonology, and this limited-edition bottle even glows in the dark. The whisky inside is a single-cask 13-year-old Orkney single malt bottled at 52 percent ABV from an unnamed Orkney distillery. Each of the 165 bottles for sale has a glow-in-the-dark label designed by illustrator Hannah Sneddon. “The design for this bottle references one of our history’s most gruesome chapters, the Scottish Witch Trials,” Cask 88 bottling projects manager Seoyoung Kang said in a statement. “It’s a dark but fascinating glimpse into the mind of a conspiracy-obsessed king.”


The label features a drawing inspired by King James VI’s Book of Demonology, a 1597 account of supernatural activity compiled by essentially torturing people accused of witchcraft into giving false confessions. The Book of Demonology was distilled on May 26, 2009, and bottled in September of this year. According to Cask 88, the whisky has a “blood moon” color and flavors of berries and mango on the palate, followed by herbal tea flavors and a touch of smokiness.




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