ByNature brings the Freshest clean and safe food from across Vietnam to your Door

March 11, 2020



In a time of coronavirus, it’s important to eat healthfully. From fresh clean and safe greens, fruits and other goodies, ByNature has you covered by bringing the Freshest clean and safe food from across Vietnam to your Door.

But more than just a distributor of safe food, ByNature is also here to help cultivate a healthier life.

In working together with producers practicing organic farming methods, the Saigon based company brings the freshest of Vietnam straight to you. Their products are guaranteed free from agriculture chemicals, drugs and many other non-natural additives. They’re also operating at the forefront of sustainability, all-the-while empowering small-scale farmers from across the country.







ByNature specializes in sourcing fresh, ethically-sustainable foods you’d be hard-pressed to find at the supermarket. With a thoughtful, ever-changing selection of wholefoods, at very good price, they extend their passion and expertise of natural foods to you.







ByNature also independently tests each product sold to ensure that foods are chemical-free. Though they’ve been open for a year and a half in Thao Dien, District 2,  it’s been a years-long endeavor of traveling Vietnam, refining testing processes, and finding the very best food producers to build the company to what it is today.







“We’ve spent a lot of time building relationships with farmers who do things the right way,” said Signe Kuhl, co-founder of ByNature. “There are a lot of farms doing amazing things even though they don’t necessarily have the size or resources to go through all the processes of verification and distribution.”







ByNature is working with small co-operative farms in Ben Tre and has also with organic micro-farming initiatives within ethnic minority communities. Finding the freshest tomatoes and best nuts in Vietnam also means focusing on the future in order to foster the sustainable growth of family-run farms. From their work with small-scale producers to their commitment to being in tune with the wants, needs, and suggestions of customers, it’s a community-based organization at its core.

“We put a high emphasis on transparency, and when it comes to food it’s important that ‘what you see is what you get’.  For us, putting in the time to learn about a farm’s techniques and to bring their products to new people has been incredibly rewarding,” added Kuhl.







With an emphasis on freshness, each season brings a new slate of fresh produce and pantry goods to choose from. ByNature also puts together weekly delivery boxes  stocked with a variety of their fruits and vegetables. And where sustainability is concerned, they haven’t skipped out on any details.







Take the recipes that come with each weekly box, for example. Rather than printing and distributing on paper, ByNature has installed QR codes that bring you straight to preparation ideas for each new selection of ingredients. “We’re always trying to improve, be it through no single-use boxes or going plastic-free from start to finish. Our packaging is a deliberate message, and it’s important to lead by example without taking any shortcuts.”






For more information and to search by ingredient, visit ByNature’s website 









You can also find them on Facebook  and Instagram 











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