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January 16.2021









This is a somewhat scary blog post, but not written to frighten anyone, but rather for awareness. Coming from a country where organic produce is not only widely common, but also available at reasonable prices I know that the situation is different here.


If having the choice The Dirty Dozen are the fruits and vegetables you want to source as naturally as you possibly can. The list changes yearly and it also depends on farming practices in your country. That said, if in doubt this is a list that you might want to memorize when shopping for your greens. The 12 crops below contain the highest levels of pesticide residue in general… To know the Dirty Dozen list of fruits and veggies with the most pesticide residues, continuous reading the article on ByNature 






In a time of coronavirus, it’s important to eat healthfully. From fresh clean and safe greens, fruits and other goodies, ByNature has you covered by bringing the Freshest clean and safe food from across Vietnam to your Door.

But more than just a distributor of safe food, ByNature is also here to help cultivate a healthier life.

In working together with producers practicing organic farming methods, the Saigon based company brings the freshest of Vietnam straight to you. Their products are guaranteed free from agriculture chemicals, drugs and many other non-natural additives. They’re also operating at the forefront of sustainability, all-the-while empowering small-scale farmers from across the country.





Available in : Vietnamese

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