Bridgerton Season Two Production Halted After Covid Cases

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August 7.2021


Bridgerton’s second season production produced in the UK by Shondaland through the production vehicle Household Pictures, telling the story of Julia Quinn’s bestselling novel was recently halted indefinitely after a few crew members tested positive for Covid. Netflix did not share whether these people were cast or crew members, but the longer length of this suspension has spurred rumors that it may have been an actor.







The hit Netflix series was filmed in the UK, where the Delta variant is spreading rapidly again, contributing to a sharp rise in Covid cases across the board. The team behind Bridgerton is currently deliberating the path forward, with Deadline noting that “the streamer and producers at Shondaland are establishing a timetable for a safe return.”







 Bridgerton’s Season 1 was a smash hit, becoming Netflix’s most-watched series ever after being watched by a record 82 million households worldwide and was nominated for 12 Emmy Awards. Bridgerton was also nominated for the Best Drama Series, best actor, cinematography, costumes, directing, and music.








Available in : Vietnamese

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