February 27, 2020


If you’re planning to take a break and if you’re a chocolate lover in Vietnam go straight to Binon Cacao park, It’s our ‘Coup de Coeur’! Forget the fancies places and go to a real cocoa Vietnamese organic farm. A fun discovery place to learn all about the history and production of this delicious treat. yummy-yum!




Vietnam the next place to be for chocolate lovers?





When we talk about Vietnam we immediately think of coffee, pepper, tea and we quote much less the chocolate and yet … Cocoa has an important place in Vietnam even if it was introduced recently in the 19th century by Alexandre Yersin, a famous physicist who discovered in 1894 the plague bacillus, and who spent a little of his spare time planting cocoa trees in the Mekong Delta. A first production followed and then the cocoa production stopped with the various conflicts, then restarted in 2000 when Vietnamese scientists reintroduced the cultivation of cocoa trees. Nowadays almost 14 different varieties of cocoa trees are cultivated in Vietnam.




Discover chocolate at Binon Cacao Park





Located in the Chau Duc district, Ba Ria Vung in Tau province in the center of the cocoa region, Binon Cacao Park was born on the initiative of Mr. Trinh Van Thanh who wondered how to help local farmers to take care of cocoa trees and export Vietnamese cocoa beans to the world. In 2017, he had the opportunity to realize his dream with the enthusiastic support of the local government and the advice of two Japanese shareholders. The rest of this great love story between Binon Cacao and chocolate, you will discover it by visiting the park, the gourmet discovery routes and the workshops devoted to this black gold. A real space dedicated to chocolate aficionados. A place who focuses on experience where you can literally lick your fingers!








From the nursery to chocolate making





The nursery is the starting point of the visit proposed by Binon who pays great attention to young plants because these are those that once adults will become solid cocoa trees to produce the best organic chocolate.







From theory to practice…








Have you ever wondered how filled chocolates, bars and other chocolate delights are made? At Binon Cacao, you will see the ingredients, how they temper chocolate, and the types of products they make.











Gourmet workshops for children and adults





Far from being aimed only for adults, Binon loves to encourage vocations and offers workshops for all ages. In 1 hour you can know how to create chocolate wonders!




The shop/restaurant





The Binon Cacao’s shop/restaurant is an invitation to savor a moment of relaxation in a unique and warm atmosphere.







You can taste on the spot or buy chocolate cakes and of course buy dark, white, milk, with macha tea or dried fruit chocolates but also, cocoa powder, cocoa wine, and even cocoa tea.









The park – A beautiful green space just for you





The park includes picnic and plays areas and even a camp to spend the night and enjoy your journey. You can even come to get married there!









Binon Cacao Park – Much more than just a park …

Binon Cacaop park is first and foremost an organic farm managing the production, the processing and the sale of cocoa, all in the same place to guarantee the best organic chocolate while being part of a sustainable environmental approach.









Binon Cacao Park

Ấp Liên Hiệp, Châu Đức District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau


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