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May 3.2021


Epicenter of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho one of the largest city in southern Vietnam is a buzzing town with a waterfront lined with sculpted gardens, an appealing blend of narrow backstreets, and wide boulevards. But among the reasons that made us fall in love with this land, we must mention the delicious specialty dishes of Can Tho, both rustic but no less attractive which attract lots of travelers.








When coming to Can Tho, everyone must taste the Cake Cong. This delicious dish is made with simple ingredients: flour, green beans, and shrimp. These Lovely round cakes are fried in a pan of hot oil until the golden color becomes perfect. The cake is often eaten with a sweet and sour sauce and fresh vegetables such as lettuce, basil, bitter cabbage …




ỐC NƯỚNG TIÊU  – Grilled Green Pepper Snails ỐC NƯỚNG TIÊU




Among Can Tho’s delicious dishes, grilled snails with pepper are always a popular choice.  Fresh snails are washed, grilled directly on the charcoal stove, and then seasoned with spices, pepper, lettuce.




BÁNH ĐÚC MẶN VÀ BÁNH ĐÚC LÁ DỨA – Duc cake or Duc cake with pandan leaf (or Banh duc la dua)




Can Tho Savory Duc cake is white, tender, and smooth. High-quality rice is soaked in water, ground into rice flour, mixed with coconut cream. The topping of the cake is made from shrimp, lean pork, jicama, shallots, and garlic. DucK cake with Pandan leaf is green, tender, lightly sweet, and smelling. Pandan juice adds color and a distinctively impressive fragrant. The Sweet Duc cake with Pandan leaf is cut into medium pieces and served with caramel, sauce from coconut cream, crushed peanuts.




LẨU MẮM – Hot Pot




Coming to Can Tho you must taste a hot pot. This delicious Can Tho dish requires dozens of ingredients ranging from fresh greens and bacon, seafood like squid, shrimp, or fish, and of course, fish sauce.







Many versions of grilled spring rolls exist in Vietnam, but the Can Tho ones are unique. Cai Rang Grilled Spring Rolls are made from mashed pork, molded into long round pieces, and cooked on an ember stove.




CHUỐI NẾP NƯỚNG  – Grilled bananas




After tasting all the salty savory dishes, you should have a dessert, and grilled bananas are required. The green banana leaves coat the crispy sticky rice mixed with banana and coconut milk.




BÁNH TÉT LÁ CẨM – Cylindrical glutinous rice cake with magenta leaf




In Can Tho, a Cylindrical glutinous rice cake with magenta leaf is considered the best. One of the highlights of Banh tet la cam is its purple crust, and its filling made from salted duck egg yolk. To make the crust, glutinous rice is soaked in magenta leaf juice to make the rice purple, typically tasty and smelling. Then the purple glutinous rice is still-fry with coconut cream and wrapped in banana leaves. To serve, the cake is cut into a circle. There are four popular kinds of fillings of Banh tet la cam: pork and salted duck egg yolk, pork fat, banana, mung bean. Each has its own taste but all are delicious outstandingly.







Considered the best dish in Can Tho by many, Cái Răng’s Grilled Pork Roll are made from fresh minced pork, which is swept then kneaded into round meatballs, and grilled on a hot coal stove. Cái Răng’s Grilled Pork Roll is eaten with herbs, green banana, cucumber, pineapple, starfruit. This is one of the best dishes in Vietnam and is not only amazingly delicious but extremely healthy too. Everything in this dish is served fresh.







This recipe is very famous in Southern Vietnam and deserves to be on the list of Best Vietnamese Food. Its taste is special: Vietnamese spaghetti, a kind of thick noodle made from rice, steamed and served with clear fish sauce, fried pork, coconut milk, vegetables, bean sprouts & pickled vegetable. And if you like, few Stir-fried spring onions with fat (Mỡ hành) at the top. Together they make a unique mix of sweet and salty. There’s the sweet of the coconut mixed with the saltiness of the pork. This is dish is popular as a breakfast dish and is a favorite of many Vietnamese in Saigon too.









Available in : Vietnamese

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