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Belvie is a Belgian chocolate made in Vietnam, following the principle of “bean to bar” assuming the production of chocolate “from the bean to the tablet” and inducing that the taste of the chocolate can vary at the beginning or the end of the season, such as wine does. Their motto: a quality production highlighting the different cocoa-growing regions in Vietnam and using only Vietnamese cocoa, sugar and molds. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Belvie distributes worldwide. The brand uses the Belgian expertise and the Vietnamese terroir and proposes chocolates with unique tastes.



A different taste for each region






Even if Belvie chocolate bars are all produced from Vietnamese beans, their taste is very different. The chocolate obtained from the province of Tien Giang’s beans is intense in flavors, with a fruity taste, creamy but also robust as the Tien Giang region with his plains, the Mekong river, and the monsoon climate. The chocolate from the Dong Nai area is lighter with touches of lemons.

Beyond the creation of a remarkable chocolate, Belvie Chocolate is also committed to sustainable development by preserving Vietnamese cocoa trees and buying the beans at a higher price in exchange for a commitment to quality.


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