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January 9.2021


A sand bank is emerging at low tide, with breathtaking wild and pristine beaches… No need to go too far, all this and more can be found on Diep Son Island, Vietnam! Diep Son island is a paradise in Vietnam located in Van Phong Bay (60 km from Nha Trang) consisting of 3 small islets in the calm and warm waters of the bay of Van Phong, populated by fishermen and their families.





At low tide, a pond of sand emerges linking the three islets: Diep Son Island and O Island, 800 meters long and the other being O Island and Qua Island at 500 meters length. Diep Son is 250 meters long and 50 meters wide. In the center of the island you’ll find a mountain 130 meters high above sea level and a coast offering shallow beaches of white sand and emerald water full of shells and small fish. The interior of the islands is green, but also rocky and arid. Near the coast, there are mango trees and grasses, but inland, cacti and eucalyptus occupy the middle of volcanic rocks offering an intriguing landscape. There are also many hidden coves and caves hidden on the island, perfect for curious and determined visitors. The best time to visit the island is from December to June, during the dry season.




DIEP SON ISLANDS IN VIET NAM – A film by Charly Studio


If you fancy experiencing Diep Son without hoards of selfies, consider staying overnight on the island and visit the site independently. Small accommodations and restaurants offer there very reasonable rates. Most hotels and guest houses in Nha Trang can arrange a tour to Diep Son. You can also get there by Can Gian Wharf boat, located in the town of Van Gia about 70 km from Nha Trang or from Nha Trang Bay to Van Gia by boat and take a speed boat to Diep son island. The journey from Van Gia to Diep Son takes about 20 minutes, and there are many departures during the dry season.










Available in : Vietnamese

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