Banyan Tree Challenges Female Stereotypes this International Women’s Day


In line with this year’s International Women’s Day’s theme, #EachforEqual, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts is launching a photo-series celebrating women’s achievements. Titled “Female Clichés”, Banyan Tree puts a positive spin on traditionally negative stereotypes and encourages women to forge their own paths.







“The diversity of experiences and ideas is core to what makes Banyan Tree thrive. We recognise that this is an ongoing effort and are committed to continually taking conscious steps to ensure that all women are treated equally and empowered to pursue their passions. This is part of our broader commitment to inclusion across our organisation to embrace the diversity of our employees, partners and customers. We hope to continue supporting everyone within the Banyan Tree ecosystem through their journey of growth, give them platforms through which they can flourish as individuals, and provide a true sense of place, wherever they are,” said Ho Renyung, Vice President, Brand HQ, Banyan Tree Holdings.

The campaign is featured on Banyan Tree’s social channels and shines the spotlight on six women across the Group who are unafraid to pursue their passions to become proud achievers in their fields.




Renu Homsombat
Corporate Chef

Renu belongs in the kitchen. A true artist in the kitchen, Renu leads the Group’s signature restaurant, Saffron, tantalising the palate of travellers around the world. Calling the kitchen her safe haven, it is where she embarks on a sensorial journey and lets her imagination run wild. She draws from her journey of strength to guide other women in adopting a positive attitude, recalling how when she started her career that sharing the stage with Michelin-starred chefs was a dream – and today, that dream is her reality.




Nopparat Aumpa (Kai)

General Manager of Banyan Tree Bangkok

Kai overthinks everything. Constantly thinking on her feet and questioning processes, Kai is always making improvements to ensure that Banyan Tree’s guests have the best experience. Her passion for learning and congeniality shaped the leader she is today – passionate about maximising her team’s potential and recognising the need for workplace happiness.To her, “it is not about overthinking but thinking deeper”, and encourages her team to challenge their thinking and come up with new solutions.




Rosalynn Tay

Senior Vice President of Growth and Demand

Rosalynn is such a demanding woman. Having navigated through most of her career without a role model to look up to, Ros graduated from the school of hard-knocks and learnt that being demanding has fuelled her journey of self-discovery. She is confident that more will toast to dreaming big, aiming high and being unapologetic for having high standards. “To find purpose, you need to push yourself very hard,” she quips, reminding that there are no shortcuts in life and only through failure can each individual realise their worth and potential.





Duangjai Pattama (Kung)

Assistant Manager of Banyan Tree Club

Kung can’t keep her mouth shut. Connecting with people is Kung’s superpower – she enjoys learning about guests’ lives, paying attention to their needs and making them feel welcomed. She spent six months in Banyan Tree Bangkok learning hotel operations while under UNICEF’s guardianship programme and today oversees the team’s performance in enhancing guests’ stays. She encourages every woman to embrace their gifts and be fearless in the betterment of their competencies – similar to how her flair in connecting with people has taken her places.





Ho Renyung

Vice President of Brand HQ

Renyung pokes her nose into everyone’s business.Embracing every opportunity to step out of the ordinary has made Ren who she is today – an influential leader, a compassionate mentor and a discerning businesswoman. Her tenacity and disposition of “caring too much” is what pushes people around her to be more than just critical thinkers. She believes that “women hold up half the sky” and invites women to step out into the light and let passion take center stage in making a positive impact.





Khun Vorashtanan (Maew)

Senior Material Purchasing Manager

Maew is so calculative. Years of crunching numbers, negotiating with suppliers, managing logistics and ascertaining product quality has shaped Maew into the “3R” leader she is today – Responsible, Reliable and Resilient. Being calculative has helped her develop a keen eye for detail when balancing the delicate equilibrium between cost and quantity. She has also learnt the importance of constant upgrading and being ready to bring her A-game at any time, and hopes to pay it forward by supporting other women as they work towards accomplishing their dreams.


Read their full stories here.

In the spirit of challenging stereotypes and celebrating women’s achievements, Banyan Tree will be holding a social media contest on March 8 to offer the public an opportunity to celebrate the empowering women in their lives and win a stay at the same time. From 8 – 15 March, follow @banyantreehotels Instagram page, like the contest post, and tag the woman who inspires you in the comments section to stand a chance to win an exclusive 2-night stay at select Banyan Tree Group properties. Terms and conditions will apply.





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