Banksy pays tribute to superhero nurses in a piece donated to a hospital



The British street artist Banksy, renowned for his committed works, offered his latest creation to the University Hospital of Southampton, in tribute to the medical staff doing an extraordinary job since the start of the Covid 19 health crisis. The work entitled “Game changers”, is a large monochromatic painting showing a little boy playing with a nurse superhero toy, wearing a face mask an apron with a red cross logo and a cape while figures of Batman and Spiderman are discarded in a wastebasket.







The little boy holds her in the air as if she was going to fly and fulfill the classic mission of a superhero: to rescue people. In this case, patients with Covid-19.

Banksy also slipped a note to the nursing staff at the hospital, “Thank you for everything you’re doing. I hope it will brighten the place up a bit, even if it’s just a black and white painting.”

After receiving the work, Paula Head, director of the hospital reacted on Twitter: “I am very proud to reveal this incredible work created by Banksy to thank all those who work with and for the NHS and our hospital. Banksy’s work is temporarily displayed at Southampton University Hospital. The painting will remain in the hospital until this fall when it will be auctioned to raise funds for the NHS Foundation.





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