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December 22.2019




While Bangkok has a wealth of options when it comes to fine art galleries, the YenakArt Villa provides an experience that stands apart from the rest. Located in central Bangkok, the gallery, opened in 2015, occupies a five-story Bauhaus-style villa. Its high ceilings and open main room allow for exhibitions of ambitious scope, while its vast, 600 square meter courtyard is used to display sculptures. And just as the physical venue distinguishes itself from the crowd, so, too, does the mission of its founders. Launched by a former French diplomat, Jeremy Opritesco, and the restaurateur Frederic Meyer.





The space seeks to form long-term relationships with its residents and showcase works that help to bring contemporary art to new audiences. Many of the solo exhibitions feature young Thai artists, giving new life and international exposure to the country’s rich, if under-appreciated, scene. Beyond traditional mediums, the gallery also offers a venue for the performing arts, fashion shows, literary events, and more.





In aninterview with Bangkok101, Opritesco further outlines his vision for the YenakArt
Villa. “I’m always looking for a mix… the artwork has to be new, modern, and edgy, but it also has to evoke emotion, to inspire”. Still, the gallery makes a point to foster the development of the artists whose work they choose to show. Opritesco puts it like this: “An exhibition is not a one-night stand, but a long-term relationship between the artist and the gallery. Neither can grow alone”. Past exhibitions range from a vivid set of oil paintings by the British painter Andrew Stahl to a multimedia project from new graduates of Bangkok University’s visual arts department, titled “Absolutely Unsure”. The gallery is currently showing “deeply rooted”, a set of paintings by the Japanese artist Soichiro Shimizu.


The YenakArt Villa
69 Soi Prasat Suk, Yen Akat Road,
Kwaeng Chongnonsee, Khet Yannawa,
Bangkok 10120 Thailand


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