Making wine in Bali

October 6. 2022


Bali is well-known as one of the best vacation destinations, and visiting famous beaches is a popular expectation for tourists, as the tropical setting is ideal for relaxation all year. Aside from the beaches, most people are unaware that Bali has suitable vineyards that grow various grape varieties such as Alphonse-Lavallée, Belgian, and the local Propolinggo Biru grapes. Although Bali’s wine history is young, having begun in 1994 with Hatten Wines, wines “Made in Bali” exist, and have improved in quality over time.



Pic Sababay Winery


Where to taste wine in Bali?

There are few major wineries you can visit to try out their wine varietals: Hatten Wines, Sababay Winery, Plaga Winery.



Hatten Wines – The 100% Balinese wine



Hatten Wines was founded in 1994 by a prominent Samur family and began with the fresh Rosé wine that the company is now known for. The grapes used are not common varietals. For one of the sparkling wines, they used the French table grape varieties Alphonse-Lavallée and Belgia, as well as the local Propolinggo Biru grapes. Hatten made their grapes grow on the north coast of Bali where clear mountain water and rich volcanic soil are where grapes are grown on pergola system surrounded by other trees such as bananas and palm trees rather than the typical rose bushes, breaking the rules of traditional winemaking.

Hand-picked grapes are transported to Sanur, where winemakers use stainless steel vessels and a well-equipped facility. Because of the tropical climate, hatching vines can be harvested every 120 days. Grapes are typically harvested on a continuous basis. Instead of yearly vintages, each wine is labeled non-vintage style, with no year specified. Hatten Wines’ vineyards have now reached the same maturity as vines from other new world wines.

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Sababay Winery – The “New latitude wine”


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Sababay wines, created by French-born Winemaker Vincent Desplat, source their grapes from Bali’s local growers and thus fall into the “New Latitude” wine category.

Sababay, like Hatten Wines, grows its grapes on the fertile volcanic soil of Buleleng in Bali, where the weather is dry and sunny.

The combination of these two conditions results in a one-of-a-kind high-quality wine. The quality of the grapes is extracted from the soil in the same way that diamonds are, and after processing the final product, the wine is polished to give its best result, its best reflection. The abundance of sunshine and the rich volcanic soil give this wine a distinct flavor.

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Plaga Wine – The wine of the new Indonesian generation


Pic Plaga Winery


Plaga Winery is famous for its fruity Chardonnay, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Plaga believes in keeping things simple and that by employing the most cutting-edge technology available, they can produce the best wine for this market. “Why not buy a bottle today that you can drink today?” they ask. But don’t get this trendy but professional winery wrong. Their wine is made from the best imported grapes from Chile, Western Australia, and Europe, and it is fermented and bottled in Indonesia. Plaga Wine is a subsidiary of the PT. Indowines group, one of Indonesia’s oldest and largest wine importers.

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