Asian Inspired dishes are the biggest food trend this year

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June 4.2021


In a year like no other, people’s attitudes towards what they eat, the way they eat and the way they shop have been fundamentally reshaped by the pandemic but Asian food culture has seen worldwide a consistent rise in popularity in 2020 and continue in 2021.




Katsu Sando




If you want to open a buzzy restaurant, you should put a Katsu Sando on the menu. That’s just how things work. The katsu sando is a simple thing: two slices of cotton-like shokupan (Japanese milk bread), slathered with zingy tonkatsu sauce,  bookending a thick cutlet of meat (typically pork but nowadays a lot of wagyu) that’s been lightly breaded and fried. Sometimes there’s a little raw cabbage salad on the side (or even stuffed into the sandwich itself). There is nothing sweeter than biting into a freshly made katsu Sando!



Bánh bao burger




The Bao is the big winner this year. The burger bun is replaced by a bao, a fluffy steamed Chinese brioche, and is eaten like a burger with a delicious street food peanut sauce or with refined garnishes such as duck, or prawns in squid ink. Today, more and more restaurants in the world are devoting themselves to this delicacy.



Okonomiyaki – The Japanese pizza




A traditional Japanese dish, okonomiyaki is a savory pancake often likened to a build-your-own pizza. The name means “as you like it, grilled or griddled” because they are usually made on a flat top or a plancha. Cabbage and lots of scallions held together with a flour-based batter made with dashi, and bonito broth. Then they put tempura bits in it because the Japanese don’t like to waste anything. This dish implies myriad combinations.



Baked sushis




It is easy to understand why sushi baked (Philipino dish) is such a big hit. There is nothing one cannot love about a rice casserole after all – and sushi bake, with its cheese and carbs, seems to reinforce its appeal.








Tteokbokki is one of the most popular street foods in Korea. Among other things, today’s recipe is made with Korean rice cakes, Korean fish cake, Korean soup stock/dashi stock, and gochujang (Korean chili paste).  It’s super delicious, umami-rich, and highly addictive.








Omurice, or Omuraisu as it’s pronounced in Japan, is a portmanteau of “Omelette” and “Rice.” It’s unclear where the dish originated, but in Japan, Omurice is considered yōshoku(western food), and it was probably created around the turn of the last century when western-style cafes became popular.  Although everyone makes it a little differently, the omelette is usually stuffed with chicken rice, which is fried rice that’s made with chicken and seasoned with ketchup. This gives it a vibrant red color and savory sweet taste, that’s the trademark flavor of this dish.



Fermented foods




With probiotic properties, they are gaining more and more followers. In particular, kombucha, a tea-based drink, kimchi (cabbage), miso (soybean) also go beyond confidentiality.










Available in : Vietnamese

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