July 27.2019


It’s in Saigon that creators Greg Hitz and Oanh have chosen to open their jewelry brand Armory, where they design every piece, of their unisex brand. Their jewelry range is simple, minimalist but raced: a pure line worked by hand with hammer, with a graphic character and with washed and glossy tones.



Pics Armory


Armory want to express their vision of aesthetic while magnifying the person who wears their jewelry. They see their creation as little treasures, symbol of an history, or a sentimental value like a talisman that no one would like to leave.




Pics Armory


Regularly, Greg and Oanh go to the metal street, Ha Ton Quyen, in District 5, to make sure they get the best metals. Silver comes from northern Vietnam, Brass and Copper come from Italy or Japan because they want above all to create timeless and durable pieces by combining quality with design.








Pics Armory


At last, Armory jewels are made by hand with jeweler craftsmen from Saigon who fashion each piece in the purest tradition. Finally, the laser engraving the brand is the last step for marking these unique Made in Saigon jewels. During a stay in Vietnam, or for a special occasion, more than ever, say it with Armory jewelry!


You can find Armory Jewels HERE or at Dee Zone, 19 Đường số 46, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh City







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