August 28,2019


Emotional Intelligence is a phrase that we hear a lot these days. Do you know what it means? More importantly, are you emotionally intelligent?




Knowing how to be at ease with all the emotions is a sign of emotional intelligence


continue reading Robert Oleskevich’s article on ople ask you (or do you sometimes wonder) why you are so impatient? Are other people a nuisance or an obstacle in the way of getting what you want? Getting pissed off a lot? Is your partner super irritating? Or, maybe it’s more subtle-perhaps there are a lot of minor annoyances throughout your day-every day! Let’s talk about how working on a skill like patience (yes, it’s a skill) can increase your emotional intelligence…and make your days and relationships a whole lot smoother and let’s go ahead and use patience as the vehicle to emotional intelligence. Think about the last time you got impatient. Go ahead, take a minute to think about it, and pick a moment when maybe you weren’t your best self. You had an expectation that wasn’t met, and because of that, you got annoyed or irritated. This might be the simplest way to describe impatience: it begins as a small seed of frustration or stress when an expectation isn’t met… Continue reading Robert Oleskevich’s article on Hero’s journey Therapy.




Robert Oleskevich, is a licensed psychotherapist, world traveler, and an expat. He lived in over 30 different countries, worked with adolescents, expats, and third culture kids. These days, he provides counseling and therapy to people dealing with the social and emotional challenges of living in Asia, with a focus on expats in HCMC Vietnam.

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