August 30,2019


A new modular pavilion has just opened in An Tea Hills, a fertile region of central Vietnam where small islands of islands in Lake Dap Cau Cau are grown for green tea production.






Dubbed Module +, this sustainable structure designed by Nuya Nguyen Khac Phuoc Architects (HKAN), in collaboration with the Vietnamese architecture Studio Dang + Partners, establishes a link between men, architecture and nature by functioning as both a gathering place for local farmers and as a stop for visitors, without harming the ecosystem of the region.








Module + owes its name to the 2,000 cross-over components from which it is constructed. Modules at the end of each arm allow the components to fit at right angles and the even distribution of forces in the structure eliminates the need for fasteners and adhesives, thus allowing the roof to be held together only by friction.













Each wall has a thickness of five components, which gives a scaffolding structure through which visitors can observe the surrounding agricultural landscape, but what makes most of this module is that because of the adaptable nature of its components, it can be extended for different purposes in any place, any time.








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